3 Common Payroll Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

3 Common Payroll Pitfalls

'A mouse's vision is only one inch long' says an old Chinese proverb. The lesson? Planning ahead and seeing beyond the present can help a business (or a mouse) to avoid pitfalls that might catch out an unsuspecting organisation.

Payroll is fraught with potential problems that if left unchecked could have serious implications for the future of your business, we've prepared a helpful list of 3 common problems and solutions below.

Legal Compliance

Being aware of your employees and and your own obligations to HMRC is a vital step in planning for success. Often when new legislation is introduced businesses are given a limited amount of time to adapt, the sooner you become aware of the changes, the sooner you can act. As a start we recommend following the HMRC twitter feed to make sure you have the latest information directly from them.

We continue to update our payroll software to ensure that our clients are well equipped to meet upcoming changes in legislation.


We live in a connected world, electronic communication has never been more seamless or efficient. But with great power comes great responsibility, having the right security measures in place can save your business from disaster.

Our Sage Payroll Software has built features as standard to ensure the security of your data including the ability to;

  • Apply access rights to restrict users from accessing certain areas of the program
  • Securely email payslips to employees
  • Password protect PDF reports to keep them secure


Backups are one of those areas that businesses often forget about until something goes wrong. To save yourself the inevitable headache that comes with losing data our Sage Payroll Software allows you to easily backup and restore your data, you can even roll your data back to correct errors from previous payroll runs.

As always if you would like more information on our services have a look at our Sage Developer or Umbrella Payroll services and as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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