3 Tips to help you survive your next Zoom meeting

November 29, 2021
Surviving your next Zoom meeting

It's Friday afternoon. You've enjoyed a pretty uneventful day. Payroll went through on time. Even the expenses were processed without a hiccup. Only one final hurdle sits between you and a relaxing weekend—A final payroll team catch-up meeting via Zoom.

These 3 tips will help you to get from that Zoom meeting into a relaxing weekend.

1. Be prepared

Fight the urge to turn up and just ‘wing it’. Ensure you are familiar with the agenda before the meeting, even if you aren’t an active participant you will be able to glean more benefit from the meeting and so will your colleagues.

2. Check your environment 

Find an area with minimal distractions both visual and audible. If your cat does happen to make a guest appearance try to keep a sense of humour.

EXPERT TIP: if you can’t minimise distractions you can always turn on the audio and visual filters to block them out.

3. Be alert

Keep an eye on your own camera and audio feed, make sure you are muted when not actively participating.

EXPERT TIP: Use Spacebar to mute and unmute yourself temporarily as needed.

Simple as they sound these 3 tips will help you to minimise the stress of your next Zoom meeting.

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