6 Key Traits of a Great Software Development Company

March 26, 2024
Smiling woman who has found a great software developer

We all love a bargain. But finding one is easier said than done.

When it comes to getting a software developer bargain for your business, it's important to find a software developer who can meet your business needs without bankrupting you along the way. But there is so much more to finding a great software developer.

  • How can you know what makes a great software developer?
  • And, Where can you find them once you know?

This article will help.

There are plenty of obvious things to look for in great software developer or a great software development company; plenty of reviews, ample case studies, a portfolio of exceptional client work. But in truth, many of the traits that make a great software developer are less obvious and much more interesting. Let's look at some together...

What to Look for in a Great Software Developer?

1. A Great Software Developer is Flexible

Flexibility - The ability to change and adapt to circumstances is paramount for a great software developer. This is especially so in the payroll industry. Changes in legislation, the economy and technology (just to name a few) mean that everyone involved in the payroll industry has to be quick on their feet. This is no less important for a software developer. A flexible software developer will be able to think ahead and build packages that can adapt smoothly to a changing industry. Flexibility is also key during the briefing part of the software development cycle. Additional features, last minute changes and other adjustments are a natural part of software development. A good software developer not only knows this, they plan ahead for it.

Flexibility can help a software developer to:

  • Adapt to a changing industry
  • Develop software that meets the client needs

2. A Great Software Developer is Creative

Creativity - "Now hang on a moment Forest", we hear you say, "this is a strange trait to look for in a software developer. After all, isn't software development all process-driven and devoid of creativity?"

While it may seem that way, in actual fact software development often involves large amounts of problem-solving and lateral thinking. While not a software developer himself, the famous scientist Albert Einstein put it this way, "Imagination is more important than knowledge". We couldn't agree more. A great software development company won't just plow ahead, they will come up with creative solutions to meet problems, they will think of innovative ways to meet challenges and enhance their software. Creativity is an essential trait for a great software developer.

Creativity can help your chosen software developer to:

  • Solve problems
  • Enhance your software
  • Compliment your business

3. A Great Software Developer has Great Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills - Behind every good piece of software is a hardworking software developer (often several hardworking software developers). Where do interpersonal skills come into this? Before a piece of software can be developed it's important to have a detailed brief. This ensures that everyone understands the project, the outcomes and how they will get there. At the heart of all of this is communication. The ability (and desire) to listen and understand a client's needs.

Interpersonal skills can help your software developer to:

  • Understand your project brief
  • Communicate throughout the development process
  • Provide excellent aftersales support

4. A Great Software Developer is Tenacious

Tenacity - Tenacity or persistent effort helps a software developer to delve deep into code, meticulously tracing the root cause of bugs and resolving them. Their determination ensures that issues are addressed thoroughly and effectively. Tenacious developers are committed to continuously improving their skills and knowledge. They approach challenges as opportunities for learning, seeking out resources and mentorship to overcome obstacles and expand their expertise.

Tenacity can help a software developer to:

  • Carry out thorough testing and bug fixes
  • Keep up to date with the latest technologies

5. A Great Software Developer has Integrity

Integrity - Integrity is a must for any good software development company, or any company for that matter. Openness, honesty and trust are fundamental qualities that will help to form a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship between you and your chosen software developer. Having a software developer that you can trust doesn't mean everything will go smoothly all the time but it does mean that if issues do occur they will own their mistakes and work to rectify them. Choosing a software development company that values integrity will give you peace of mind that you can trust them to develop your software to a high standard.

Integrity can aid your software developer to:

  • Build a lasting relationship with your business
  • Resolve issues
  • Provide you with peace of mind

6. A Great Software Developer is Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm - Why is enthusiasm such an important trait for a good software developer? When we're enthusiastic about something we naturally work harder and more effectively. Enthusiasm will keep your software developer motivated throughout your project and beyond. Enthusiastic software developers have a genuine passion for technology and software development. They enjoy what they do, which translates into a deeper commitment to their projects and a willingness to go the extra mile to achieve success.

Enthusiasm can help your chosen software developer to:

  • Go the extra mile on your software project
  • Remain committed to your business

Where can I find a Great Software Developer?

There are plenty of places to try, but while you're here we invite you to examine our software development offering and meet our enthusiastic team.

Having been in business for over 30 years we pride ourselves on offering a professional software development service. Please check out our software development service to find out more.

Final words

What do you look for in a great software developer? We'd love to know. Feel free to get in touch and share it with us.

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