Can Your Payroll Software Make a Decent Cup of Tea?

Guide to Hiring Payroll Software

A large part of the recruitment process is hiring the right person and making sure they settle in. We make sure that he or she has the necessary skills, understands their role, will get on with their colleagues and knows how to make a decent cup of tea.

If we take this amount of time and effort to make sure that we hire the right person for the job, then it's arguably even more important that we make sure we hire the right software package for the job.

So what is the best way to go about this key task? Well it's actually not to different to the recruitment process...

1) Shop Around for Talent

Most organisations wouldn't hire the first person they came across in the street, so equally don't settle for the first piece of payroll software that you come across. Take the time to examine the features and benefits of each, the payoff is certainly worthwhile.

2) Conduct an Interview

When choosing a piece of software to fulfil your payroll needs, make sure you talk directly to the people who will be building and maintaining your software to ensure that both sides understand what is required from the beginning.

3) Get References

Any good employee will bring a list of good references to back up their credentials, in like manner a good piece of payroll software should have a string of happy customers behind it ready to back up it's claims.

4) Request a Trial Period

To get a good idea of how an new employee will fit into an organisation most will give them a trial run to see how they perform. Selecting a reliable piece of payroll software is far easier if you can see it working for yourself.

All being well, you can settle down safe in the knowledge that the newest addition to your organisation is working away processing payments and deducting the necessary taxes. Unfortunately to our knowledge no payroll software exists currently that can make a decent cup of tea, so for now we will just have to make do.

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