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Back Office Payroll Service

Managed Back Office Payroll Processing for Late Timesheets

Convenient Payroll
processing between 7pm and 10pm

More Cost
Effective than a Payroll Team

Using HMRC Accredited

Processed by Qualified Payroll Technicians

We offer a unique late pay service where we will process your payroll in the evening for no extra charge. We completely appreciate that timesheet details can be sent in late and will work with you to process your payroll at a time that is convenient.

"We have been using the software created by Forest for 2 years and we’ve not looked back. Customer service is always extremely good with any issues being dealt with immediately. We would highly recommend this company and look forward to doing more work with them in the future."

Forest Computer Solutions - Vital Check Testimonial

Leanne Deeks, Vital Check

Features & Benefits of our Back Office Payroll Service

Only Pay for What you Use

We've designed our service to be cost-effective. You only pay for the payslips generated each week. Our transparent pricing tailors the payroll service around your business. You only have to pay for what you use.

  • Only pay for what you use
  • Money saving 
  • Fit the software to your business
Only Pay for What You Use - Forest Computer Solutions
Convenient Payroll Processing Times - Forest Computer Solutions

Convenient Payroll Processing Times

We understand that payroll can be unpredictable, timesheets can come in late, last-minute adjustments are sometimes needed. Our Back Office Payroll Service processes payroll late in the evening to capture late timesheets. 

  • Payroll Processing between 7pm and 10pm

HMRC Accredited Software

Helping you remain compliant is an important part of our Back Office Payroll Service. Verification and checks are built-in. We actively develop our software to help you remain compliant and meet the challenges of changing legislation.

  • RTI reports submitted on your behalf
  • Actively maintained to accommodate new legislation 
  • Automated verification

Back Office Payroll Services with HMRC Accredited Software - Forest Computer Solutions

Payroll Processed by Qualified Technicians - Forest Computer Solutions

Payroll Processed by Qualified Technicians

A qualified payroll technician or bookkeeper processes your payroll. The payroll technician will be available to assist with any payroll advice you may require in relation to statutory payments, attachment of earnings etc.

  • Qualified Payroll Technicians
  • UK based advice and support
  • Managed payroll processing

Managed Payroll that you can Control

Our Back Office Payroll Service is designed to take the stress out of payroll whilst giving you the controls you need to run your business. It provides a more cost effective and confidential solution than employing your own payroll team.

  • You can email out the payslips at a time that suits you
  • Ability to input your own timesheet data at your own convenience.
  • SMS notifications automatically sent

Managed Payroll that you can Control - Forest Computer Solutions

How does our Back Office Payroll Service work?

1. Software Installation

We install our Windows App.

This enables you to import timesheet information and submit it to us.

2. Payroll Processing

Once processed, you will receive payment and pension reports through email.

We submit the FPS to HMRC at this point (and EPS if required).

3. Payslip Distribution

The payslips will then be held in the software and you will be able to email them out at a time that is convenient for you (please note we can password protect the payslips in accordance with GDPR).


How much does our Back Office Payroll Service cost?

Our policy is one of openness and transparency. We don't throw in hidden fees or charges, our costing model is laid out plainly below, if you would like further explanation of our workings don't hesitate to contact us.

Back Office Payroll Pricing

To keep ourselves cost effective we are unable to run payrolls for under 15 workers, we therefore have a minimum charge of £45 per week. Please find our pricing structure set out below:

Number of workers processed Weekly fee Monthly fee
First 15 workers £3.00 per payslip £4.00 per payslip
Next 35 workers £2.75 per payslip £3.75 per payslip
Next 50 workers £2.50 per payslip £3.50 per payslip
Next 150 workers £2.25 per payslip £3.25 per payslip
Each worker thereafter £2.00 per payslip £3.00 per payslip

Frequently Asked Questions about our Back Office Payroll Service

The pricing matrix is mentioned above and there are no additional costs on top of this.

Yes, we are able to password protect the pdf payslip within the email with details held in the Forest software.

Yes that is absolutely fine, we can create a process that works best for you.

Why use the Back Office Payroll Service from Forest Computer Solutions?

Saving you Money

The FCS pricing system ensures that you only pay for what you need. We don't throw in any hidden fees or charges.

30 Years+ Software Development Experience

When you work with FCS you benefit from everything that we have learned for over 30 years.

Registered Sage Developer

As registered Sage Software Developers we are certified to an industry recognised standard giving you peace of mind. We adhere to high standards for our Sage Software Development.

Industrial Diversity

Our experience working with a many different organisations gives us special insight into the payroll sector. You get to benefit from our tried and tested solutions.

Professional support

We believe in developing lasting relationships with our customers. This helps you to get the most from our payroll software.

Payroll Software Updates

We understand that the payroll industry is constantly evolving. With this in mind, we provide regular software updates and maintenance to ensure that you are all set to manage change.

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