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Back Office Payroll Service

We offer a unique late pay service where we will process your payroll in the evening for no extra charge.  We completely appreciate that timesheet details can be sent in late and will work with you to process your payroll at a time that works for you.

How our back office payroll service works

1. Installation

We install our Windows App.

This enables you to import timesheet information and submit it to us.

2. Processing

Once processed, you will receive payment and pension reports through email.

We submit the FPS to HMRC at this point (and EPS if required).

3. Payslip Distribution

The payslips will then be held in the software and you will be able to email them out at a time that is convenient for you (please note we can password protect the payslips in accordance with GDPR).

Start Using our Back Office Payroll Service Find out more about our back office payroll service or request a demonstration.

Using a robust system will help you fulfill your compliance obligations toward your workers and HMRC.

What is provided with the Back Office Payroll Service?

We will use a product called Staffology to process your payroll which is a cloud based system that you will also have access to in case you would like to check any data yourselves.

The payroll technician will be available to assist with any payroll advice you may require in relation to statutory payments, attachment of earnings etc.

Instant confirmation that your workers are being paid above the minimum wage rate taking into consideration margin and employer’s costs.

You will be able to send out payslips from the windows app on your PC.

More cost effective solution than employing your own payroll team.

Ability to input your own timesheet data at your own convenience.

A payroll technician will be processing your payroll each week.

Confidential payroll processing.

Payroll processing between 7pm and 10pm in the evening.


To keep ourselves cost effective we are unable to run payrolls for under 15 workers, we therefore have a minimum charge of £45 per week. Please find our pricing structure set out below:

Number of workers processedWeekly feeMonthly fee
First 15 workers£3.00 per payslip£4.00 per payslip
Next 35 workers£2.75 per payslip£3.75 per payslip
Next 50 workers£2.50 per payslip£3.50 per payslip
Next 150 workers£2.25 per payslip£3.25 per payslip
Each worker thereafter£2.00 per payslip£3.00 per payslip

Start Using our Back Office Payroll Service Find out more about our back office payroll service or request a demonstration.

Why work with Forest Computer Solutions?

  1. 1

    Save Money

    Our pricing model is based on growth meaning that you only pay for what you need. No hidden fees or charges, simple.
  2. 2

    30 Years+ Experience

    You can be confident that your payroll system is in professional hands. We’ve been doing this a long time.
  3. 3

    Registered Sage Development Partner

    The quality of our work and our ability to deliver great solutions are confirmed by Sage themselves.
  1. 4

    Industrial Diversity

    Tap into our diverse industry knowledge and experience. We’ve modified products for all sorts of businesses right across the Sage range.
  2. 5

    Dedicated support

    We provide personal support before, during and after you engage our services. Speak directly to a qualified Sage Developer rather than trawling through a complicated instruction manual.
  3. 6

    Updates and Improvements

    Stay ahead of your competition, as new legislation comes out we can perform dynamic updates to ensure your software won’t let you or your contractors down.


Our windows application will only be installed on your employees’ machines who are going to use the software. Information that is received by ourselves will also not be shared with anyone apart from the payroll technicians assigned to your payroll. As part of GDPR you will need to notify your workers (or add a section into their Contracts) to notify them that you will be sharing their personal information with ourselves in order to run their payroll.

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