Back Office Payroll Service

Managed Back Office Payroll Processing

Pay multiple ways

Ability to process standard PAYE, Umbrella and CIS payroll workers

Money saving

More cost effective than a payroll team

HMRC Compliant

Our third party software is accredited by HMRC

Dedicated Support

Processed by qualified payroll technicians / bookkeepers
I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of service offered by Peter since our first contact late last year has been superb. He is always there with a remote connection if I need help with anything, he has provided me with everything I first requested for my business and has continued to offer a full and ready support, I cannot thank him enough and would have no hesitation in recommending his services to anybody.

Holbeck Construction Services

Cost Saving Payroll Software

Only Pay for What you Use

We've designed our service to be cost-effective. You only pay for the payslips generated each week. Our transparent pricing tailors the payroll service around your business.
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Money saving
  • Fit the software to your business

Convenient Payroll Processing Times

We understand that payroll can be unpredictable, timesheets can come in late, last-minute adjustments are sometimes needed. Our Back Office Payroll Service processes payroll between 7pm and 10pm when required to capture late timesheets.
  • Payroll Processing between 7pm and 10pm
Convenient Payroll Processing Times - Forest Computer Solutions
IR35 Off-Payroll Working Infographic by HMRC

HMRC Accredited Software

Our third party software is accredited by HMRC. Helping you remain compliant is an important part of our Back Office Payroll Service. Verification and checks are built-in. We actively develop our software to help you remain compliant and meet the challenges of changing legislation.
  • RTI reports submitted on your behalf
  • Actively maintained to accommodate new legislation
  • Automated verification

Payroll Processed by Qualified Technicians

A qualified payroll technician or bookkeeper processes your payroll. The payroll technician will be knowledgeable in processing statutory payments and attachment of earnings and can provide advice on the same when required.
  • Qualified Payroll Technicians
  • UK based advice and support
  • Managed payroll processing
Umbrella Payroll Software Support

Try our Back Office Payroll Service

See how your business could benefit from our pay-as-you-go pricing model

How does our Back Office Payroll Service work?

1. Email Us

You email us your timesheet details.

2. BACs Payment

Once processed, you will receive a BACs payment report which you would be able to upload to your bank and pay your workers and pension reports through email (in addition to any other reports you require). We submit the FPS to HMRC at this point (and EPS if required) and arrange pension payment if you have allowed access to your bank through the pension provider’s website.

3. Payslips distributed

We would then email out payslips at a time agreed with yourself and can also text out pay information however would require you to set up an account with a text message provider in order for us to do this (please let us know if you would like further details on this when enquiring about the service).

Back Office Payroll Pricing

To keep ourselves cost effective we are unable to run payrolls for under 15 workers, we therefore have a minimum charge of £45 per week.

Number of workers processed

Weekly fee

Monthly fee

First 15 workers
£3.00 per payslip
£4.00 per payslip
Next 35 workers
£2.75 per payslip
£3.75 per payslip
Next 50 workers
£2.50 per payslip
£3.50 per payslip
Next 150 workers
£2.25 per payslip
£3.25 per payslip
Each worker thereafter
£2.00 per payslip
£3.00 per payslip

Frequently Asked Questions about our Back Office Payroll Service

Are there any hidden costs with your software?

The pricing matrix is mentioned above and there are no additional costs on top of this.

Can we password protect payslip emails?

Yes, we are able to password protect the pdf payslip within the email with details held in the Forest software.
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