Can Wearable Tech Buy the Payroll Industry More Time?

July 10, 2016
Can wearable tech buy the payroll industry more time? - FCS

Not that long ago, we used a phone to call people, and a watch to tell the time. Now as wearable technology is fast becoming a constant feature of our lives, we use our phones to do everything but phone people and rather than help us tell the time and our watches can actually allow us to make time. This article will briefly overview two areas where the savvy user can harness the power of wearable tech to improve their working life.


Having the latest information and being able to act upon it have always been important aspects of successful organisations. Salesforce boast that as a customer you can 'run your business from your wrist' using their app. Notifications allow a wearer to receive sales, marketing, and community notifications as well as view business data and analytics at a glance. The fantastical app provides an aesthetically pleasing calendar allowing you to view reminders and events or create new ones by speaking the details.

Employee Fitness and Wellbeing

A happy worker is a busy worker, or so the saying goes. But with so much to contend with in our modern world can work and wellbeing still be uttered in the same breath? Wearable technology such as the iWatch allows an employee to monitor their heart rate and stress levels along with calories burnt and overall fitness level. A survey by Goldsmiths, University of London, reported an 8.5% increase in worker productivity and a boost in job satisfaction by 3.5%


In reality wearable tech is still a long way from revolutionising our lives, but already we are starting to see the potential within these devices to, at the very least, help us to claw back a bit of time.

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