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Have you been caught out by the coffee boom?

The UK is generally stereotyped as a tea loving country and it is! consuming a whopping 165 million cups of tea a day. But in more recent years coffee is ever increasing in popularity. Here are some coffee facts we’ve put together for you… And I guarantee you’ll be thirsting for a coffee by the end of this sentence (at least if you weren’t already)

  • Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide with over 2 billion cups consumed every day
  • In the uk alone we consume approximately 70 million cups a day
  • The country with the highest coffee consumption per capita is Finland with the UK coming in at 45

Can we grow coffee in the UK?

Coffee thrives in these conditions:

  • an altitude of between 2,000 ft and 4,000 ft
  • a well drained sub-soil (not soggy)
  • high humidity
  • direct sunlight for at least 2 hours a day
  • average temperatures between 24-29°c
  • and finally, no wind

On the upside we have the perfect conditions for growing potatoes. Come back next month to see our explainer video on “what is Umbrella Payroll Software”

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