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CIS Payroll Software

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HMRC Compliant

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Our CIS Payroll Software uses a module that links to the Sage50 Cloud Accounts CIS module and makes processing CIS workers more time effective and accurate.

"Our payroll processing time has been cut down immensely, our contractors are a lot happier having all their deductions on one payslip. All the payslips are also stored in the system making them a lot easier to access. Other members of staff can process the payroll quite easily as the guide is very easy to follow. FCS has made our payroll processing so much simpler. It takes a lot less time to process and we have confidence that the system is calculating all of the deductions correctly. The FCS support is amazing, Peter and Keran are always on hand straight away to help with any queries, and nothing is ever too much trouble."

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Why should you use our CIS Payroll Software?

Pay As You Go Pricing

Simple and upfront pricing means you are only charged for payslips produced each week. This open, cost-effective pricing structure allows you to only pay for what you need.

  • Only pay for what you need
  • Money saving 
  • Scalable pricing to grow with your business

How much does it cost?

To benefit from our Software you will need a copy of Sage 50 Payroll. Please see details here.

WorkersCost Per WeekCost per monthCost per year
Easy to use Umbrella Payroll Software

User-Friendly Interface

Our CIS Payroll Software is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Input the worker's hours and rates along with any materials and the CIS charge is worked out accordingly. Our CIS Payroll Software also integrates seamlessly with Sage making it easy to pay your workers and report to HMRC.

  • Seamless integration with Sage
  • Simple interface
  • Automated processing

HMRC Compliant

Meticulous verification processes are at the heart of our CIS Payroll Software. When new legislation is introduced (such as IR35) we actively enhance our software to help you adapt and remain compliant.

  • RTI technology
  • Maintained to accommodate legislation changes
  • Automated verification processes
Compliant CIS Payroll Software
CIS Payroll Software Support

Lightning Fast Support

Our professional developers provide fast, friendly support when you need it. With over 30 years in the payroll industry we've become adept at solving technical issues that are unique to payroll. Whenever possible we fix issues remotely to minimize downtime for you. Our customer support team is available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

  • Direct support from the software developers
  • UK based support
  • Timely software updates & maintenance

Time Saving Automation

Our CIS Payroll Software takes the monotony out of payroll by automating tasks such as SMS notifications and timesheet imports giving you the freedom to handle other tasks. 

  • 1 click bulk timesheet imports
  • SMS notifications
  • Multiple margin bands
Automated Umbrella Payroll Software
Professional Branded Umbrella Payroll Software

Consistent Company Branding

Keep your brand in front of your customers with branded payslips displaying your logo and brand styling.

  • Branded payslips

How does our CIS Payroll Software work?

Our CIS Payroll Software is built to be straightforward to use, whilst providing a professional payroll management system that takes care of the complex intricacies of payroll in the background. Our software makes use of the professional technology in the standard Sage 50 Accounts software and combines it with dynamic modules to cater to the specific needs of CIS payroll providers.

How much does our CIS Payroll Software cost?

We believe in being open and honest with our customers. We don't add in hidden fees or charges, our pricing model is shown below, if you would like to find out more about how we work please contact us.

CIS Payroll Software Rental

To pay a CIS Worker for a week:

First 50 Workers 0.75 pence each per week
Next 450 Workers 0.35 pence each per week
Next 500 Workers 0.15 pence each per week
Each additional Worker 0.05 pence each per week

There is a minimum weekly charge of £37.50 (which covers your first 50 Workers) The charge is applied only to those workers actually paid in that week.

Implementation and training will be carried out online and charged at an hourly rate of £60.

All prices exclude VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions about our CIS Payroll Software

The pricing matrix is mentioned above, the only additional pricing would be the installation cost which is a one-off fee. You will need to purchase Sage separately to ourselves and also the textmarketer bundle but this is only if you want to send text messages to your workers.

Yes there is, we will add the Forest invoicing program for free and you can then produce invoices to send off to the individual agencies for the timesheet lines processed in the current period.

Why use CIS Payroll Software from Forest Computer Solutions?

We're Cost-Effective

With our payroll software you only pay for what you use. There are no hidden fees or charges.

30 Years+ Software Development Experience

Our 30 years plus experience in the payroll industry has given us a unique insight in to the challenges faced by payroll providers, and the solutions that can meet those challenges. 

Lightning Fast Support

We understand that time is money. Our support team is ready to help you get the best out of our payroll software. Should issues arise, we're skilled at locating and fixing them in a timely fashion to have you back up and running asap.

Broad Payroll Industry Experience

Our client portfolio spans a variety of sectors each with unique requirements. Our broad experience within the payroll industry means we understand the challenges faced by our customers and the solutions that can help.

Registered Sage Developer

The quality of our software is attested to by our status as a registered Sage Developer.

Payroll Software Updates and Enhancements

We actively maintain our payroll software to ensure our customers are well equipped to weather industry changes.

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