Data Backups - Avert Disaster Before it Comes Knocking

Sage Backups

We're all familiar with the story of the 3 little pigs; one built a house from straw, the other from wood and the last one from bricks. The wolf comes along, doesn't really break a sweat with the first two houses and finally after having some minor difficulty with the third, gets in through the chimney only to find out it's casserole night at the brick house.

You're probably wondering what all of this has to do with backing up your data, well, let's imagine these houses as businesses; all three are well established, have committed staff and contain valuable data. All three face the same threats, but only one survives, the difference? The surviving business invested in robust measures to prevent it's systems from collapsing and if this fails to repel the threat it has a backup plan.

These days businesses depend on data more than ever before but it's surprising how many are still storing their data in 'houses made of straw'. Disgruntled employees, natural disasters, system crashes and hardware failures are all common threats that can result in disaster for businesses without a backup plan.

Success Checklist

Schedule regular/daily backups of your data

The thing about disaster is you rarely know about it until after it has happened. Planning a robust backup schedule for your Sage system can save you time and money, it can be the difference between an unmitigated disaster and a slight inconvenience.

Ensure all of the data is backed up

Sage stores data across it's own database system and your computer's internal memory, performing synchronisation at intervals. With this in mind it is essential that both areas are backed up independently to ensure that data is fully recoverable.

If in doubt regarding backing up your Sage data, contact whoever offers you Sage support (this may well be Sage themselves).

Store your backups in a safe location

Once backed up, it is essential that your data is held at a secure location. This can often be in your offices, however, to ensure optimum protection it is best to secure your data in more than one location. We make use of for this service to ensure our clients have the best data security available.

Monitor your backups

To ensure maximum protection for our clients, we have built the capability to backup the Microsoft SQL database that underpins your Sage Umbrella/CIS system. We can also monitor backups remotely to give you peace of mind that your data is being backed up regularly and correctly.

If you need any assistance with Sage backups or would like to discuss your requirements further please do not hesitate to contact us.

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