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Forest Support

Please use the chat application situated in the bottom right corner of the screen to let us know any problems you are currently experiencing with the software or any help you require.  You will be connected to a support agent straight away who will be able to assist you as necessary.
If a support agent asks you to download the Anydesk program then please select the tree icon below (this link allows us to establish a secure connection to your system).  There will be a few messages that appear on your screen but please accept these to permit us access. 
If the agent is unable to successfully gain access to your PC using the above then please go to and the agent will provide you with a code for this.
We believe the above provides a more structured solution to support our customers and also provides us with a record of the support issues we are receiving, this in turn will help us update the software where required and also provide training in areas where it is needed. 
Forest Computer Solutions