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How to be motivated?

How to be productive when you don’t feel motivated

When you are feeling unmotivated it can be a real struggle to carry out even simple tasks like getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, and especially going to work for 8 long hours. Is it possible to be productive when you don’t feel motivated? Yes it is, lets see how…

Work towards a goal

Whether it be a holiday, a car or owning your very own private yacht! Reminding yourself of why you are working so hard can be a powerful motivator.

Write a list

Writing down what you have to do for the day gives you something that you can focus on and work towards. If one task on the list is feeling especially laborious then move on to another, change is good even if its just a small change.

Correct the cause

Ultimately you want to get your motivation back again. How can you do that? You’re lack of motivation may be the symptom of another problem. Perhaps tiredness resulting from one late night to many, or working when you should be in bed recovering from your 10th cold this year. Sometimes the best thing to do is to step back and try looking at things from a different angle. The point is once you identify the problem you should take the appropriate action to correct the cause.

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