How to unlock the hidden potential of working from home

May 13, 2020
Working from home - How to unlock the hidden potential

Who'd have thought, the dream that many have long cherished to work from home would become a reality so suddenly and so unexpectedly. Given the current situation this may have come as more of a nightmare than a dream for you.

This article will help you see how you can get the most out of working from home and give you a few helpful tips along the way. Plus there's a not to be missed collection of 4 incredible tools to turbo charge your home working experience.

Focus on the positives

Being in your own environment can have a positive impact on your productivity. Swapping the office environment with it's harsh lighting and background chatter for the familiarity of your own space can be liberating, for one thing you can control what's on the radio!

No more dreaded commute. Why not swap out the time you would normally have spent on the morning commute for some regular exercise, or even use the time to start and finish your day a little earlier.

Maintain good communication

Making sure that you are working in sync with your colleagues can be tough when working from home.

Scheduling regular times to catch up over the phone or via video conference can really help.

Video conference tools such as Zoom or Skype can enable you to meet remotely and keep yourselves coordinated.

Keep a sense of humour

The sudden change from working in the office to working from home will no doubt cause some issues. Rather than get hung up on these, keep a sense of humour and work with what you've got.

Here's a compilation of working from home mishaps to keep you entertained

Digital tools to help you work smarter

Zoom Video Conferencing - Video conferencing software that's free and easy to use.

Krisp - Mute background noise in any communication app on any device. Perfect for that awkward moment when dog starts barking while your boss is on the line

Xtensio - Create, collaborate and share dynamic visual documents and presentations

Slack - All of your communication and tools in one place

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