Introducing: A New Detailed Umbrella Payroll Calculator

February 29, 2024
New Umbrella Payroll Calculator

A little while ago we found ourselves frustrated with the lack of a detailed online Umbrella Payroll Calculator. Undaunted by this setback, we decided to develop one ourselves. Now we would like to share this tool with you, completely free of charge.

How do I access the new Umbrella Payroll Calculator?

All you need to do is visit the Umbrella Payroll Calculator page, fill in the details as required and then click on the Umbrella Payroll Calculation button. This will take you to the Payslip page which includes all the details and methods used to make the calculation.

Take me to the Umbrella Payroll Calculator

Why did FCS decide to develop a new Umbrella Payroll Calculator?

Other Umbrella Payroll Calculators do exist but none give anything like the range of options required when processing Umbrella Payroll. We also believe it is important to have an in-depth explanation of how the calculation is arrived at. Our new Umbrella Payroll Calculator covers both of these items.

Can I contribute to the Umbrella Payroll Calculator development?

Yes. If you have any comments or suggestions for improving our Umbrella Payroll Calculator please feel free to contact us.

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