Payroll Bureau Software - Hero or Villain?

October 12, 2018
Payroll Software - Hero or Villain?
Out to get you when you least suspect it? or poised in the corner of your office ready to jump in and save the day? or perhaps just sitting there in a pair of fancy tights looking awkward - which of these describes your payroll software?

Whatever the case it's usually when the unexpected happens that we discover what we're made of. If a sudden shift in legislation occurred or a new competitor entered your market place would your current payroll system be your salvation or the liability that trips you up? To help you answer that question we have compiled a series of thought provoking points to test how well your payroll software can respond to change.

1) Developer support (A reliable sidekick)

Imagine a sudden dramatic change occurs in your market place (it wouldn't be the first time, remember IR35?). Could you contact the developer of your payroll software to make adjustments quickly? Having a good relationship with a reliable software developer can make even looming challenges easier to bear. Ideally your payroll software developer will already be on top of the changes and will be expecting your phone call.

The Lesson? Make sure you can contact your software developer easily and quickly in the event of an emergency, choose software that has regular support from experienced professionals.

2) Scalability (A flexible utility belt)

Sometimes a success can turn into a challenge when your payroll software isn't set up to handle the extra workload. It makes good business sense to have software that grows with your needs. Rather than pay a premium for fancy features and capacity that you likely won't need initially, make sure your payroll software operates on a pay-as-you-go model. Before you meet with roaring success be sure that your payroll software is built on technologies that won't stifle that growth or collapse under the weight of it.

3) Compliance (Playing by the rules)

Saving the day and playing by the rules, impossible right? Not necessarily. A good payroll software developer will help your business to serve it's customers and remain compliant with HMRC. Let's face it, how successful would Batman be if Alfred was secretly cutting the brakes on the Batmobile? The same applies to good payroll software. It should aid your business in fulfilling it's obligations to HMRC not leave you open to a crash. When choosing your payroll software, look for an organisation that has a strong track record of compliance, that has reputable customers and the credentials to back up it's claims.

With great payroll software comes great responsibility

Whether it's an unexpected slab of legislation that gets thrown into the fray, an onslaught of eager new customers, or the unsettling ping of a spreadsheet crashing, it is possible to glide through the bustling metropolis of the payroll industry with relative ease. Providing you have the strong support of a trusted developer, the ability to scale up to meet the changes, and the good judgement to stay on the right side of the law you can leave the mask at home and be a champion of good business.

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