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ForestPay - Payroll Software for Large Companies

Perform thousands of FPSs over thousands of different companies quickly and easily.

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Pay As You Go Software Rental

Our unique pricing model means you only pay for what you use. The payroll software scales up or down to meet your business needs.

Run Payroll for Thousands of People in Minutes

Designed specifically for large companies, ForestPay allows you to carry out thousands of FPSs (Full Payment Submissions) in minutes.

Experienced Developer Support

Benefit from over 30 years of software development experience before, during and after you purchase.

We have been using forest for many years and are so pleased with how easy the system is to use and how well it integrates with Sage software. The customer service we receive is amazing and any problems we may have are always dealt with very quickly. - CGD Contracting

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What are the Benefits of Payroll Software for Large Companies?

Easy to Use

We've designed the interface to be intuitive and easy to use allowing you process thousands of FPSs over thousands of different companies quickly and efficiently.

Intelligent Validation

Our intelligent validation methods can significantly reduce human error saving you copious amounts of time and money.

Seamless Integration

Built to work with your current systems, ForestPay allows you to import data from your current systems.

Automated Processing

Update payroll and invoicing systems with the click of a button, less work, greater productivity.

Document Checking

Upload documents into a worker's file ensuring all of your paperwork is kept together.

Tax Calculations

ForestPay does all of the calculations for tax and expenses in the background using the latest rates from HMRC.

Control your own fee

Set your fee and automatically deduct it from the workers pay

Professional Branding

Feature your company logo and branding on invoices and payslips generated by ForestPay.

SMS Notifications

Keep your workers happy by notifying them when they have been paid by an automatic text message.
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