Reasons to choose Sage for your payroll system

September 4, 2013
Sage Development Partner

Over our 30 years' as Sage Development Partners, we've seen many changes in the software and payroll industry. After all these years is Sage still able to cater for today's modern payroll needs? We think so, here's why...


Sage's firm footing in the market place

Since 1981 Sage have been delivering solutions to all sorts of businesses, during this time they've established a firm footing in the market place with over 800,000 UK customers. This broad group of clients has allowed Sage to refine their offering and tailor it to the changing needs of their client base.

Scalability of Sage

Sage offer a range of solutions for businesses of all sizes; from small back room recruitment businesses just setting out, to corporate monoliths with their own set of unique challenges.

Moving with the times

During their 30 years in business Sage haven't been sitting still, as new legislation (such as the new RTI regulations) has come in, Sage have adapted their offering to remain in step with the market. As well remaining ahead legally, Sage have ensured their solutions work with the latest technologies such as cloud computing and mobile apps.

Sage is easy to use

Sage pride themselves on offering easy-to-use software. The business world is fraught with it's own stresses, Sage have been quick to recognise that their software should support a business rather than add to it's challenges.

Integrates well with other software

Build around common software conventions, Sage payroll and accounting software integrates well with other common business software such as Microsoft Office suite as well as web based systems.

HMRC recognised, accredited software

Sage software is recognised by HMRC and the Institute of Chartered Accountants giving you added reason to trust it.

Security measures to protect data

Sage has stringent built-in security measures with password and backup options to ensure data is kept safe and secure. Far better than the over loaded spreadsheet we've all seen people using.


So from this brief round up we can see that even after 30 years, Sage is still very much the leading player in the market place for accounting and payroll solutions. For more information see our Sage Development Services section or feel free to contact us.

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