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Hassle-free, money saving payroll software for recruitment agencies

Simple to Operate

Less headaches, more time for the important things

Pay for what you use

Save money, only pay for what you use

HMRC Compliant

Our third party software is accredited by HMRC

Professional Support

Talk directly to our software developers to resolve any issues quickly
Agency Payroll Software - Payroll Software for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agency Payroll Software with Sage at its Heart

Our expert developers have built specialised features onto the standard Sage package with Recruitment Agencies in mind. 

This approach can help agencies process payroll with two different hourly and charge rates. It means that you can look after your workers in a compliant, cost-effective way whilst being able to invoice their clients all within the same piece of payroll software.
We have had the pleasure now of working with Forest for over 3 years and we can’t fault the Forest software; extremely user friendly with updates and improvements frequently being made to make the software that much better each time. If there ever are any problems, the support service is fantastic both during the working day or out of hours. 100% confidence in both the knowledge and expertise of the Forest team, along with the software… Would certainly recommend.

Chris Hanlon - Moreland Solutions

Discover how much you could save

WorkersCost Per WeekCost per monthCost per year

To benefit from our Software you will need a copy of Sage 50 Payroll. Please see details here.

Only Pay for What You Use

A scalable pricing model gives you the freedom to only pay for the payslips produced each week. Our honest, cost-effective pricing allows the software to fit your business. You only pay for what you use.
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Money saving
  • Fit the software to your business

Simple to Operate

We've designed our Agency Payroll Software to work beautifully without the need for a degree in Rocket Science. The software is built to work smoothly with Sage making it easy to pay people and report to HMRC.
  • Seamless integration with Sage
  • User-friendly interface
  • Intelligent automation
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Personal Service Company Payroll Software

Optimised for New Rates of Pay (IR35)

Employer's costs and profit are all shown for each assignment making it nice and easy for you to see and adjust if needed.
  • Control worker pay rate and end-client invoice rate
  • Easily determine profit and costs

Easy Invoicing

Pro-forma invoices can be produced on demand. Once all of the timesheets are finalised, an invoice can be created to be sent to the end-client.
  • Easy invoice generation
IR35 Off-Payroll Working Infographic by HMRC

HMRC Compliant

Our third party software is accredited by HMRC. Helping you maintain compliance is central to our Agency Payroll Software. Verification and checks are built-in. We actively develop our software to help you remain compliant and meet the challenges of changing legislation.
  • RTI compatibility
  • Actively developed to meet legislation changes
  • Automated verification

Professional Support

We understand that time is money. Because of that we endeavor to provide instant, friendly support when you need it. We can often fix issues remotely to get you up and running in no time. Our customer support team is available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Talk directly to the developers
  • UK based support
  • Regular software updates
IR35 Software Developer
Automated Umbrella Payroll Software

Intelligent Automation

Our payroll software handles the complexities of calculating and processing payroll, leaving you free to handle the other bits.
  • Minimum Wage Rate checks
  • Manage Payslips with Sage Online Portal
  • SMS notifications
  • Multiple margin bands

Corporate Branding

Keep all of your corporate material consistent with branded payslips featuring your logo and brand colours.
  • Branded payslips
Professionally branded payslip

Try our Recruitment Agency Payroll Software

See how your business could benefit from our pay-as-you-go pricing model

How does our Recruitment Agency Payroll Software work?

Our Agency Payroll Software has been developed to be user-friendly whilst providing a powerful payroll management system that does the hard work seamlessly in the background. Our software uses the functionality of standard Sage 50 Payroll and Accounts software and enhances it with powerful modules to care for the unique requirements of recruitment agencies and others in the payroll industry.

Recruitment Agency Payroll Software Rental

To Pay a Worker for a week:



First 50 workers
0.75p each per week
Next 450 workers
0.50p each per week
Next 500 workers
0.25p each per week
Additional workers
0.10p each per week

There is a minimum weekly charge of £37.50 (50 Workers). 

All prices exclude VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any hidden costs with your software?

The pricing matrix is mentioned above, the only additional pricing would be the installation cost which is a one-off fee. You will need to purchase Sage separately to ourselves and also the textmarketer bundle but this is only if you want to send text messages to your workers.

Are you able to retain holiday for workers?

Yes, you can retain holiday pay.

Are you able to provide a portal for workers to upload their own details?

We are working on a branded portal for agencies to use where workers are able to add their own start up details. We are also looking at adding the ability to email out Contracts for signing (via Zoho sign) through the software. If this is something you would be interested in then please let us know although please do note there will be an additional charge for these features.

Can we password protect payslip emails?

We are able to password protect the pdf payslip within the emails using information held within the Forest software.
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