Why you should be thinking about replacing your Umbrella Payroll Software

November 21, 2022
Replace your Umbrella Payroll Software

It has been said that the only thing that’s constant is change. This is especially so in the Umbrella Payroll Industry. One minute you’re cruising along smoothly; processing payments, sending out nice crisp documents, keeping the contractors happy, treating yourself to the occasional gingerbread latte and a saunter around the golf course.

Then Woossssh!

A giant fiery ball of legislation comes hurtling towards your hardworking payroll business. Swap that gingerbread latte for a triple espresso and that relaxing afternoon at the golf course for a solid weekend at the office.

Occasionally, though, just occasionally, we get some control over the change.

This article will help you determine when it’s time to take control and replace your umbrella payroll software.

First, though...

Why would you want to replace your umbrella payroll software?

Well, we could illustrate this with two people driving their cars. The first hears a terrible rattle and decides to keep going to see if it gets worse. He breaks down on the M25 and causes a major tailback. The second hears that rattle and immediately makes plans to get the car into the garage to sort the problem. The issue is fixed and he has a trouble-free day

The lesson? If your umbrella payroll software starts to ‘rattle’ get a professional to take a look before it breaks down.

What are the signs that it’s time to replace my umbrella payroll software?

When it comes to replacing a part on your car there are often telltale signs such as a rattling noise or fumes, often accompanied by warning lights. When it comes to replacing your umbrella payroll software the signs may not be so obvious, here are a few to look out for:

  • Your umbrella payroll software developer has stopped releasing updates
  • Errors and strange warning messages start to appear
  • Your payroll system starts crashing
  • The umbrella payroll software becomes unbelievably slow
  • Bugs start appearing
  • Staff or contractors start reporting problems

When should I replace my umbrella payroll software?

This will be different for each business. A good rule of thumb would be to avoid busy periods such as year-end. Find a time when the impact of changing your umbrella payroll software will be minimal.

How should I replace my umbrella payroll software?

When replacing a major part on a car you want a skilled professional to do the job. It’s the same with any major part of your business including your umbrella payroll software. We recommend employing the skills of an umbrella payroll software specialist to ensure the software matches your needs and the migration is smooth.

What to look out for in new umbrella payroll software?

We’ve prepared a few handy articles to help:

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