Case Studies

Payslip Adjustment Increases Worker Happiness

Challenge: The insurance for the workers was being increased at the umbrella company and they wanted to therefore increase the margins they were charging. The workers did not understand the increase in margin.
Solution: The margin was split on the payslip to show the normal margin and the additional charge was displayed on a separate line and detailed as 'Insurance'.
Result: The workers were happier now they understood the reason for the additional charge.

Custom Development to Improve Invoicing Efficiency

Challenge: Numerous invoices were being created in Sage and then someone had to save each individual invoice to a file location to be sent out to customers.
Solution: A program was created that would allow someone to go in, select a company in Sage and input two numbers and all invoices in this range would be saved in the correct location and with the correct name format.
Result: This expedited the saving and sending out of all invoices across several different Sage companies.
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