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February 27, 2023
3 Ways that AI Could Disrupt the Payroll Industry

Heavy rain lashes the pavement as our hero cautiously moves along the darkened streets. A pair of gleaming red eyes pierce the darkness. His pace quickens. The unmistakable sound of metal grinding against concrete greets him as he turns to face his pursuer. The towering metal beast lets out a deafening roar........and hands him a […]

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July 30, 2020
8 Ways to Design Great Remoting Working Experiences [infographic] by Sage

Remote working has become the new norm. This informative infographic by Sage can help you and your employees get the best out of remote working.

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October 12, 2018
Payroll Bureau Software - Hero or Villain?

Out to get you when you least suspect it? or poised to jump in and save the day? This article shows who's side your bureau payroll software is really on.

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June 8, 2018
2 Key Steps To More Productive Employees

Companies like Google have been conducting studies for years to determine how to have the most successful workforce. What secrets did they discover? Quietly replace staff with an army of robots? Harness the power of time travel to predict future social trends? Actually, the answer is far simpler than you might think... 1. Host Successful […]

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March 19, 2017
Employee Benefits Infographic - By Sage

This infographic by Sage weighs up the different employee benefits available and considers the impact that can have on individuals as well as the wider company.

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July 10, 2016
Can Wearable Tech Buy the Payroll Industry More Time?

Not that long ago, we used a phone to call people, and a watch to tell the time. Now as wearable technology is fast becoming a constant feature of our lives, we use our phones to do everything but phone people and rather than help us tell the time, our watches can actually allow us to make time. This article will briefly overview two areas where the savvy user can harness the power of wearable tech to improve their working life.

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