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February 28, 2022
The Discerning Buyer's Guide to Umbrella Payroll Software — Subscription vs Perpetual License (upfront fee)

How can Subscription-based Umbrella Payroll Software help your payroll business successfully navigate a changing industry?

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June 27, 2019
The Best Payroll Software Solution: Off-the-shelf or Bespoke?

It's good to have a payroll solution that you can rely on, but how do you get the tailored performance of bespoke payroll software with the realistic pricing of a tried and tested off-the-shelf solution?

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September 12, 2016
Umbrella to PSC

With the recent legislative changes in April 2016 many organisations are realising that the Umbrella model is no longer a viable solution.

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May 30, 2016
The Demise of the Spreadsheet [infographic] by Sage

Spreadsheets are used in HR and payroll on a daily basis. Whilst spreadsheets initially proved useful in many situations, they have become increasingly outdated when it comes to administering SMEs, especially in HR and payroll departments. This intriguing infographic by Sage discusses the facts and figures behind spreadsheet use.

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April 15, 2015
Can Your Payroll Software Make a Decent Cup of Tea?

An intriguing approach to selecting the right payroll software package based on tried and test methods used in the recruitment industry.

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February 11, 2015
Bespoke Payroll Software for Bureau Payroll & Outsourcing

Having the right tool for the job is a universal recipe for success. Whether your putting up shelves, fixing a leak or even running a payroll department, it is essential that your tools don't let you down. For a provider of outsourced payroll services, arguably no tool is more important than the payroll processing software […]

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