The Best Value for Money Payroll Software

April 26, 2021
Best Value for Money Payroll Software

We're all eager to get the most bang for our buck. That's easier said than done. We understand that finding the best value for money payroll software can be a real challenge so we've put together four key features to help you find the best value for money payroll software.

Pay as you go pricing

A Pay as you go pricing structure allows you to scale your payroll software to suit your needs. Rather than paying a hefty monthly fee for a load of bells and whistles that you don't really need. We recommend using payroll software that charges you per worker. That way when business is booming your software can scale to meet the need. When business is slowing a little you only pay for the workers who you are processing.

HMRC accredited

Compliance is a key part of running a successful payroll. To help you operate compliantly we recommend using software that is HMRC accredited where possible.

Professional branding

It goes without saying that the payroll industry is a competitive one. When competition is high branding is a key way to make your business stand out. Your payroll software should allow your branding to be displayed and printed ensuring that your business is fresh in the minds of your contractors when you send their payslips or make contact with them through other means.

Software integration

Spreadsheets. We've all been there. The dreaded moment when your system won't quite do what you want it to so you end up frantically sifting through rows of data on MS Excel. Value for money payroll software should spare you this nightmare by integrating seamlessly with your current systems. And if on the off chance there is something that doesn't integrate as well as you would like it to, there should be a friendly developer that you can ring to sort things for you.

The Best Value for Money Payroll Software

We feel that we can provide our customers with the best value for money payroll software:

  • Our pricing model is one of openness and transparency, all of our payroll software is pay as you go.

  • Our UmbrellaPay solution makes use of powerful HMRC accredited software.

  • We ensure that your branding is integrated with your payroll software.

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate our software with your current systems.

Our developers are a friendly bunch, feel free to give them a call and they'll be happy to listen to your requirements and help you find the best value for money payroll software.

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