How our umbrella payroll software solves common problems to save time & money

October 20, 2023
jigsaw of problems and solutions for umbrella payroll software

'Time is money' as the saying goes.

But in many ways, time is far more precious than money. In harmony with this thought, we've compiled a helpful list of ways that our umbrella payroll software has been developed to save hard-working payroll companies time and money.

Automating time-consuming tasks

Problem: Managing payroll can be a laborious process filled with time-consuming tasks. Worker data comes in all sorts of formats, deciphering these can be like untying a giant knot.

FCS Solution: We set up our umbrella payroll software according to each customer's specific requirements when we first install it. This means that all the calculations are done at the click of a button.

The calculations are cross-referenced with those calculated by Sage. Our umbrella payroll software automatically picks up any that have different margins, pensions applied or holidays retained (amongst other information) from the existing set up so the payroll process can be extremely quick.

Our umbrella payroll software is also able to store multiple spreadsheet templates which can be uploaded directly and assigned to workers using their details such as National Insurance Number or Sage Reference. This means that when spreadsheets are received by our clients, they can save the template and directly upload the data into our umbrella payroll software.

Reducing human error

Problem: Payroll is a complex business done under time pressure, mistakes are inevitable.

FCS Solution: Our umbrella payroll software allows users to check the data multiple times before processing payment.

Once worker data is imported, our software will show the total amount of pay that is being added to the system. This can then be cross-referenced with the original import to ensure all is correct. The total is also shown when processing through Sage as another check for the user to ensure all timesheet lines have been entered correctly.

Custom reporting

Problem: Keeping track of data and understanding business trends can be difficult without the right tools.

FCS Solution: There are a number of reports that can be produced in our umbrella payroll software along with reports that can be utilized from Sage as well.

If there are specific reports that customers are looking for then the chances are we are able to add this to the software for no extra charge. Our clients are welcome to let us know if there are particular reports they need that Sage can't accommodate and we can then look into it.

Minimizing payment issues

Problem: Underpayments or overpayments can occur.

FCS Solution: Our umbrella payroll software checks all calculations with Sage. Sage payroll software is HMRC compliant therefore the risk is very low of incorrect payments being calculated.

Our software uses the hours entered and back calculates the employers' costs and then processes the pay through Sage and checks all the calculations match at the other end. If there is a difference at all then the worker in question won't be processed and an error box will show detailing why this has occurred. One of the main reasons that a payment issue might occur is that the worker is due to be paid below the minimum wage rate once the employers' costs have been taken into account.

Integrating with other software

Problem: The payroll software doesn't like talking to the CRM system.

FCS Solution: We have developed our umbrella payroll software to integrate with software packages such as Zoho, Salesforce and Xero. This enables our clients to keep employee details up-to-date and also to have one location which contains all details on their workers and work in general.

We are continually developing our umbrella payroll software to work effectively with third-party software and make our customer's lives easier.

Keeping your brand before your workers

Problem: Having consistent branding across a payroll platform can be difficult

FCS Solution: For no additional charge, we can change the wording and branding on the payslips produced by our umbrella payroll software to match our customer's requirements. If a completely different payslip style is needed there would be a charge.

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