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Umbrella Payroll Software - Subscription vs Perpetual License

The Discerning Buyer’s Guide to Umbrella Payroll Software — Subscription vs Perpetual License (upfront fee)

"change is the only constant in life." — Heraclitus, Ancient Greek philosopher.

I’m sure if Heraclitus was working in the Umbrella Payroll industry today his head would be spinning from all of the changes we’ve seen.

Experienced Umbrella Payroll Companies have learned that a key to success is having systems in place that are able to adapt quickly and simply to the changing Umbrella Payroll Industry.

This article examines how Subscription-based Umbrella Payroll Software can help your payroll business successfully navigate this changing industry. But first, what's the difference?

What Is A Perpetual Software Licence?

Perpetual software licenses have been used traditionally for years. You buy the software and pay an up-front fee, this gives you the right to use that software indefinitely. If you want additional features (add-ons) or support there is normally an extra fee as part of a contract.

What Is Subscription-Based Software?

Subscription-based software is licensed and paid for based on usage or volume. In the case of Umbrella Payroll Software this can be based on the number of contractors being processed. The subscription fee often includes updates and support ensuring that your business has what it needs when it needs it. Crucially, if the software is no longer needed you can end the subscription.

Here are some of the benefits of using subscription-based Umbrella Payroll Software compared to Perpetual (upfront fee) Umbrella Payroll Software.

Only Pay for What You Use

Subscription-based Umbrella Payroll Software allows you to benefit from the features that you really need. This is far wiser than spending excessive time and money setting up complex Umbrella Payroll Software on a perpetual (upfront fee) license with features that you may not need.

Scale the Umbrella Payroll Software as Your Business Changes

Whether it’s adding new contractors or scaling down during a slower period, subscription-based umbrella payroll software gives you flexibility that can save you a lot of money.

A perpetual (upfront fee) software license may work initially but scaling it up often comes with an added (and sometimes prohibitively expensive) fee. And scaling down during a quiet period may not be an option.

Low Barrier to Entry

Unsure of whether the Umbrella Payroll Software will work for your business needs? Wouldn’t it be great if you could purchase the Umbrella Payroll Software, have a qualified software developer set it up on your systems and then you could begin working with it all without breaking the bank? With subscription-based Umbrella Payroll Software you can.

A perpetual license for Umbrella Payroll Software often comes with a hefty price tag. For a fledgling business, this can present a challenge.

Easier Software Migration

Migrating from one system to another can be a pain. Whether it’s an excel spreadsheet or a dusty abacus under the desk, most established Umbrella Payroll companies have a payroll system in place already. With subscription-based Umbrella Payroll Software the low barrier to entry often means you can test the software out while still running your current system.

High Quality Subscription-based Umbrella Payroll Software

We pride ourselves on our model of offering quality Umbrella Payroll Software on a subscription basis. We believe in being upfront about our fees, you can find them here.

If you would like a free consultation and demonstration of our Umbrella Payroll Software please get in touch.

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