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Umbrella Payroll Software Support Crew

The Best Umbrella Payroll Software Support: Internal Staff vs External Provider

Imagine the scene; Lewis Hamilton is tearing around the track at Silverstone, as he nears the midway point of the race he pulls into the pits for a tyre change and a refuel. No one is there to help. He loses the race.

Just as a professional pit crew is essential for the success of a driver. Software support is essential for the success and smooth running of payroll software.

In this article, we’ll look at what makes a good support package (pit crew) for your Umbrella Payroll Software.

Let’s clarify what we mean by support. We’re talking about someone who can provide help when you need it. Among other things they keep your software running smoothly, deal with problems as they arise, answer questions you may have, and generally make your life easier.

Why do you need support with your Umbrella Payroll Software?

  • Technology is always changing
  • Emergencies happen
  • You’re already busy enough

Who should get support with their Umbrella Payroll Software?

Anyone who is serious about running a successful Umbrella Payroll Business. Without proper software support sooner or later your system will experience issues that could deeply affect your business.

What kind of Umbrella Payroll Software support is better — Internal Staff or External Provider?

Internal Staff - Pros

On hand when you need them

Employing dedicated support staff to look after your Umbrella Payroll Software allows you to benefit from their help constantly.

In-depth knowledge of your business

Each payroll business has its own subtleties. That printer that only prints in black and white, the coffee maker that does the perfect mocha, the hidden sugar ring donut supply. Having a deep working knowledge of your day-to-day activities is a real benefit when providing umbrella payroll software support.

Focused on your business

An internal member of staff hired to focus on your Umbrella Payroll Software will be able to focus the majority of her attention on maintaining and servicing your systems.

Internal Staff - Cons

Could be expensive

The costs of employing a dedicated member of staff to service your Umbrella Payroll Software can start to add up.

Lack of specialist expertise

An internal member of staff may have less opportunity to gain exposure in the wider industry. This can result in them playing catch up constantly as new technologies develop.

Open to risk if they leave

Having all of your eggs in one basket can be risky. If a staff member finds another job or leaves for some other reason you could be left scrambling to keep your Umbrella Payroll Software ticking over.

External Umbrella Payroll Software Support Provider - Pros

Broad Industry knowledge

External providers generally work with a wide variety of payroll companies and others. This allows them to channel all of their experience into caring for your Umbrella Payroll Software.

Specialist Expertise

Specialising in Umbrella Payroll Software development means an external provider can anticipate issues and provide support before problems arise. We recommend seeking support from someone who built the software or works closely with it on a regular basis.

Tailored to your business needs

Whereas an employee generally works a set number of hours each week, an external provider can provide a tailored support package to ensure you get the right amount of support for your needs. Potentially reducing wasted resources and saving you money.

External Umbrella Payroll Software Support Provider - Cons

May not always be available when you need them

Depending on the service level agreement you have with them, an external provider may only provide support at certain times. You may also have to wait for a period of time before they can address issues.

May lack knowledge of your business

Industry experience can go a long way but an external provider may lack important knowledge about the inner workings of your specific business. This could lead to misunderstandings and frustration.

Could be expensive

Engaging external support can be expensive depending on your specific requirements.

Final verdict - Which is the best kind of umbrella payroll support, internal Staff or external provider?

Our recommendation would be to use a combination of internal and external support working together to support your Umbrella Payroll Software.

If you don’t have an internal team that’s no problem, we can offer all the support you need in a neat little package.

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