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UmbrellaPay – A Sage Umbrella Payroll Software Solution

UmbrellaPay combines powerful Sage technology with Umbrella Payroll Features
to save you time and money.

Powerful Sage Technology


UmbrellaPay combines powerful Sage technology with Umbrella Payroll Features. This Sage Umbrella combination can help payroll organisations to look after their workers in a compliant, cost-effective way.

Save Money

AS LITTLE AS 10p per worker per week

A unique pricing structure means you only pay for what you use. As you business grows, our software can be scaled up to meet your needs.

Fantastic Results

“a winning combination”

Chris Hanlon – Moreland Solutions

UmbrellaPay Payroll Software Solution – Features and Benefits

Easy to Use

We’ve designed the interface to be intuitive and easy to use allowing you to pay multiple workers quickly and efficiently

Intelligent Validation, Save Money

Our intelligent validation methods can significantly reduce human error saving you copious amounts of time and money.

Seamless Integration

Built to work with your current systems, UmbrellaPay allows you to import data from your current systems.

Automated Processing

Update payroll and invoicing systems with the click of a button, less work, greater productivity.

Document Checking

Upload documents into a worker’s file ensuring all of your paperwork is kept together

Tax Calculations

UmbrellaPay does all of the calculations for tax and expenses in the background using the latest rates from HMRC.

Control your own fee

Set your fee and automatically deduct it from the worker pay

Professional Branding

Feature your company logo and branding on invoices and payslips generated by UmbrellaPay

SMS Notifications

Keep your workers happy by notifying them when they have been paid by an automatic text message

Using a robust system will also help you fulfill your compliance obligations toward your workers and HMRC.

UmbrellaPay Sage Payroll Software Find out more about UmbrellaPay or request a demonstration.

Umbrella Payroll Software

How do our Sage payroll solutions work?

Our Sage payroll solutions are built to be easy for you and your staff to use whilst providing a smart payroll management system that does the heavy lifting in the background. Our Sage software levers the wealth of functions that exist in standard Sage 50 Accounts software and combines them with powerful modules to cater for the unique requirements of umbrella payroll and accounting companies.

What does it cost?

Our policy is one of openness and transparency with our customers. We don’t throw in hidden fees or charges, our costing model is laid out plainly below, if you would like further explanation of our workings don’t hesitate to contact us.

Software Rental

To Pay an Umbrella Worker/CIS Contractor for a week:

First 50 Worker/Contractors £0.75 per week
Next 450 Worker/Contractors £0.50 per week
Next 500 Worker/Contractors £0.25 per week
Each Worker/Contractor thereafter £0.10 per week

Minimum weekly charge of £37.50 (50 Workers).

Implementation and training will be carried out online and charged at an hourly rate of £60.

All prices exclude VAT.

UmbrellaPay Sage Payroll Software Find out more about UmbrellaPay or request a demonstration.

Why work with Forest Computer Solutions?

  1. 1

    Save Money

    Our pricing model is based on growth meaning that you only pay for what you need. No hidden fees or charges, simple.

  2. 2

    30 Years+ Experience

    You can be confident that your payroll system is in professional hands. We’ve been doing this a long time.

  3. 3

    Registered Sage Development Partner

    The quality of our work and our ability to deliver great solutions are confirmed by Sage themselves.

  1. 4

    Industrial Diversity

    Tap into our diverse industry knowledge and experience. We’ve modified products for all sorts of businesses right across the Sage range.

  2. 5

    Dedicated support

    We provide personal support before, during and after you engage our services. Speak directly to a qualified Sage Developer rather than trawling through a complicated instruction manual.

  3. 6

    Updates and Improvements

    Stay ahead of your competition, as new legislation comes out we can perform dynamic updates to ensure your software won’t let you or your contractors down.