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Umbrella Payroll Software

Simple and Affordable Payroll Software for Umbrella Companies

Easy to Use

Pay as you go

HMRC Compliant

Dedicated Support

Our Umbrella Payroll Software combines powerful Sage software with Umbrella Payroll Features to save Umbrella Payroll Companies time and money.

Our Umbrella Payroll Software also allows you to experience the big brand benefits of Sage alongside the custom umbrella tools created by us over a 10 year period of being involved in the Umbrella Payroll Industry.

"The payroll system that Forest provide is robust, intuitive and effective at a great price point. The service and support that Forest provide frankly puts other providers to shame, they are so friendly and always on hand to help if you need advice. My company has been using the system for six years now, one of the best decisions I've made."

Rollpoint Ltd - Umbrella Payroll software testimonial

Laurence Hayes, Rollpoint Ltd.

Features & Benefits of our Umbrella Payroll Software

Pay As You Go Pricing

A straightforward pricing structure means you only pay for the payslips produced each week. Our transparent, cost-effective pricing structure allows you to pay for what you use.

  • Only pay for what you use
  • Save money 
  • Scale the software with your business

How much does it cost?

To benefit from our Software you will need a copy of Sage 50 Payroll. Please see details here.

WorkersCost Per WeekCost per monthCost per year
Easy to use Umbrella Payroll Software

Easy to Use

We've designed our Umbrella Payroll Software to be as simple as possible. It integrates seamlessly with Sage making it easy to pay your workers and report to HMRC.

  • Seamless integration with Sage
  • Simple interface
  • Automated processing

HMRC Compliant

Rigorous checking and verification processes are at the heart of our Umbrella Payroll Software. As new legislation is introduced we actively develop our software to help you remain compliant.

  • RTI compatibility
  • Adapted to meet legislation changes
  • Automated verification
HMRC Compliant Umbrella Payroll Software
Umbrella Payroll and Billing Solutions

Dedicated Support

Get instant, friendly support when you need it. Although we work with computers we understand the human side of the industry. We can often fix issues remotely to get you up and running in no time. Our customer support team is available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

  • Talk directly to the developers
  • UK based support
  • Regular software updates

Simple Automation

Our software deals with the heavy lifting of payroll leaving you free to handle the other bits. 

  • Minimum Wage Rate checks
  • 1 click bulk timesheet imports
  • SMS notifications
  • Multiple margin bands
Automated Umbrella Payroll Software
Professional Branded Umbrella Payroll Software

Professional Branding

Keep all of your corporate material consistent with branded payslips featuring your logo and brand colours.

  • Branded payslips

How does our Umbrella Payroll Software work?

Our Umbrella Payroll Software is built to be easy for you and your staff to use whilst providing a smart payroll management system that does the heavy lifting in the background. Our software levers the wealth of functions that exist in standard Sage 50 Accounts software and combines them with powerful modules to cater to the unique requirements of umbrella payroll and accounting companies.

How much does our Umbrella Payroll Software cost?

Our policy is one of openness and transparency with our customers. We don't throw in hidden fees or charges, our costing model is laid out plainly below, if you would like further explanation of our workings don't hesitate to contact us.

Umbrella Payroll Software Rental

To Pay an Umbrella Worker for a week:

First 50 Workers 0.75 pence each per week
Next 450 Workers 0.50 pence each per week
Next 500 Workers 0.25 pence each per week
Each additional Worker 0.10 pence each per week

There is a minimum weekly charge of £37.50 (which covers your first 50 Workers) The charge is applied only to those workers actually paid in that week.

Implementation and training will be carried out online and charged at an hourly rate of £60.

All prices exclude VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Umbrella Payroll Software

Yes, our Umbrella Payroll Software does although this isn’t requested very often anymore.

The pricing matrix is mentioned above, the only additional pricing would be the installation cost which is a one-off fee. You will need to purchase Sage separately to ourselves and also the textmarketer bundle but this is only if you want to send text messages to your workers.

Yes, you can retain holiday pay.

We tend to charge for payslip amends however if you let us know what you would like amended and we can produce it easily then we would not charge for it.

Sage has its own payslip portal that we can utilise if needed.

We are able to password protect the pdf payslip within the emails using information held within the Forest software.

We have an invoicing module which connects to Sage50 Cloud Accounts. If you have this software then we will add the Forest program for free and you can then produce invoices to send off to the individual agencies for the timesheet lines processed in the current period.

Why use Umbrella Payroll Software from Forest Computer Solutions?

Save Money

Our pricing model is based on growth meaning that you only pay for what you need. No hidden fees or charges, simple.

30 Years+ Software Development Experience

You can be confident that your payroll system is in professional hands. We’ve been doing this a long time.

Registered Sage Development Partner

The quality of our work and our ability to deliver great solutions are confirmed by Sage themselves.

Industrial Diversity

Tap into our diverse industry knowledge and experience. We’ve modified products for all sorts of businesses right across the Sage range.

Dedicated support

We provide personal support before, during and after you engage our services. Speak directly to a qualified Sage Developer rather than trawling through a complicated instruction manual.

Software Updates and Improvements

Stay ahead of your competition, as new legislation comes out we can perform dynamic updates to ensure your software won’t let you or your contractors down.

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      Please enter your details below and we will arrange a free, no obligation demonstration of our Umbrella Payroll Software.

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