Umbrella to PSC

Umbrella to PSC - Forest Computer Solutions

Umbrella to PSC

With the recent legislative changes in April 2016 many organisations are realising that the Umbrella model is no longer a viable solution for paying contractors. Is there an alternative for those who have spend years building up reputable companies providing much needed support to contractors? Yes.

Migrating from Umbrella to PSC Software

For some time now the industry has seen a shift from Umbrella to the PSC model of payment. To help our clients make the change with minimal cost and hassle, Forest Computer Solutions have set up PSC Pay - A pay-as-you-go system utilising the power of Sage.

Some PSC Pay Features

  • Automated VAT Returns
  • Intelligent Validation
  • Seamless Integration
  • Real Time Information

For a full list of features please read our PSC Pay product page or contact us for more information.

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